In 1993, Dirk Wetzel started The Canvas Works company in Aiken, South Carolina. After relocating to the United States from his hometown of Frankfurt, Germany, he has been in the Awning industry from the beginning. He knew there was a desperate need for sun protection, reduce energy cost, with chic city design. 

Being one of the first companies to manufacture custom commercial and residential Awnings in the Southeastern United States, marketing to the Aiken, Augusta and surrounding areas. 

The Canvas Works Awnings allow you to engineer the perfect day. Enjoy the sunshine when you want it and create shade when you need it. 

Our electric and manual shade systems are refined, elegant, and completely reliable, as we strive to provide homeowners and business owners alike with the best Awnings and outdoor comfort. With an extensive selection of products in countless styles, we have the ideal shade solutions for any setting, whether you would like a motorized Awning to cover your patio or a stationary Awning for a large dining area or storefront.

No project is too small!



Dirk Wetzel